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¡ó Corporation Introduction

Wuhan Qiansu Tech & Sci Ltd. developed from ansys123 studio was established in 2013 spring by Dr. Liu who previously was the advanced application engineer and advanced trainer in Chinese branch of ANSYS Inc.(NASDAQ: ANSS). The main team members were former technical personnel of ANSYS-China. We are devoted to the ANSYS simulation technology and provide various technical service of ANSYS family softwares (Multiphysics, Mechanical, LS-DYNA, AUTODYN, nCode DesignLife, Fluent, CFX, Icepak, AQWA, Maxwell, HFSS) and ANSYS preprocessors, such as Design Modeler (DM), Meshing, ICEM-CFD. Our technical service includes Simulation Customization, Engineering Consultation, Customized Training and Secondary Development.

In 2013, We presented ¡°Quick Introduction Training Video¡±of ANSYS family software at YOUKU.COM. The completed training videos include ANSYS geometry, Meshing, Structural and Thermal Analysis. According to customers' feedback, Quick Introduction Training Videos are very suitable for users with less experience in software operation.

In 2014, We presented ¡°Original Thematic Training Video¡±and¡°Simulation Customization¡± of ANSYS family software at Online Store to help our clients to quickly learn ANSYS advanced technology and efficiently solve complicated engineering problems.

Now, We are making great efforts to build a leading brand of "Internet technical service of multi-physical simulation softwares".


¡ó Founder Introduction

Liu Yao achieved both Bachelor's and Master's degree from Huazhong University of Science & Technology, and is earning PhD in Nagoya University in Japan. He was former senior structural application engineer / senior trainer in Wuhan branch of ANSYS-China. Mr. Liu has been engaged in ANSYS simulation technical service for more than 8 years. Mr. Liu is proficient in ANSYS Mechanical nonlinear structural statics, dynamics, vibration and noise, Fluent / Mechanical two-way Fluid-Structure-Interaction, AQWA hydrodynamics and nCode DesignLife fatigue simulation technology, and mainly engaged in structural mechanics and hydrodynamics research.

He has completed over 120 training sessions about ANSYS advanced simulation technology and application practice. He has undertaken or participated in many engineering projects and simulation training sessions. The clients include China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, China Classification Society, China Shipbuilding Industry No. 701, 709, 710, 712, 719, 722 Institute, Dongfeng Technology Center, Aviation Industry No. 602, 605, 610 Institute, Aerospace Science and Industry No. 7801 Institute, Beijing Power Machinery Institute, Shanxi Applied Physical Chemistry Institute, China Weapons Industry No. 207 Institute, Sinosteel Corporation Luoyang Refractory Institute, Sanjiang Aerospace, Jinfeng Technology, Luxi Chemical Industry, Jingshan Light Machinery Institute, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Shandong University, Hunan University, Central South University, National Defense Science & Technology University, China Ocean University, Harbin Industry & Technology University. The training topics include structural mechanics, dynamics, thermal, nonlinear, composite, hydrodynamic, fluid-structure-interaction, noise and fatigue analysis techniques of ANSYS family softwares. The training is conducted by combining software operation with theoretical explanation, focusing on the application of technology and skills in practical engineering projects. There are a great deal of technical content and information in every training session, which is well received by customers.

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¡ó Contact Us

Address: Vanke Golden City #2316, Baisha 5th Rd, Wuhan, China

Free daily technical support E-mail£ºansys123@qq.com
Wechat: yaogouzi
QQ: 2830930745



¡ó Join Us

CAE Application Engineer

CAE Development Engineer

Requirement: With the background of science or engineering, familiar with FEA theory, and have a good skills about ANSYS, MSC or DS family simulation softwares with quivalent level of Master's degree or above

Duty: Simulation software application training, simulation project consultation, video teaching, secondary development, etc.

Client Manager

Requirement: Know about FEA or CFD simulation softwares with quivalent level of Bachelor's degree or above

Duty: Customer maintance and bussiness negotiation about simulation training, consultation and second development projects, etc.

Please send your resume to ansys123@qq.com


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