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ANSYS Installation Package (Windows 64-bit)

ANSYS 2020R1 SSQ (Win10 only in ANSYS Help, but we tested successfully in Win7) >Download Code1xxy

ANSYS 2019R1 >Download Codecp0u

ANSYS 19.2

ANSYS 19.0 >Download Codeylqe

ANSYS 18.2

ANSYS 18.0

ANSYS 17.2

ANSYS 17.0


nCode DesignLife Installation Package

nCode DesignLife 2020R1 >Download Codeue9j

nCode DesignLife 2019R1 >Download Codecd18

nCode DesignLife 19.0

nCode DesignLife 18.2

nCode DesignLife 18.0

nCode DesignLife 17.2

nCode DesignLife 17.0

Crack Files (Provided by SSQ Team)

ANSYS 2020 Crack files were included in the installation package

ANSYS 2019 Crack

ANSYS 19.0-19.2 Crack

ANSYS 18.0-18.2 Crack

ANSYS 17.0-17.2 Crack


Step-by-step training video on ANSYS 2020R1 installation & cracking


Training video on ANSYS 2019R1 installation & cracking (Applicable for ANSYS 17~19)

For more training vedio, please go to ANSYS Training Materials


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