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ANSYS Workbench Structural Analysis (10 Lectures) ANSYS SpaceClaim (SCDM) Geometry (7 Lectures)

ANSYS ICEM-CFD Meshing (7 Lectures)

HyperWorks Preprocessor and Structural Analysis (8 Lectures)
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Chinese Version

DesignModeler (DM)

ANSYS Meshing

ANSYS Mechanical Introduction

ANSYS Mechanical Nonlinear

ANSYS ANSYS SCDM Geometry (7 Lectures) Input Files

ANSYS ICEM-CFD Meshing (7 Lectures) Input Files

Hyperworks Preprocessor and Structural Analysis (8 Lectures) Input Files

English Version

DesignModeler Introduction 17.0

Meshing Introduction 17.0

ANSYS Mechanical Introduction 17.0

Introduction_to_Explicit_Dynamics 17.0

ANSYS Fluent Introduction 17.0

ANSYS CFX Introduction 17.0

ANSYS Icepak Introduction 17.0

Maxwell Introduction 17.0

HFSS Introduction 17.0



ANSYS Customized Training

Structural Topic

CFD Topic

Hydrodynamic Topic

Mechanical Introduction
Mechanical Basic Structural Nonlinearities
Mechanical Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics
Mechanical Advanced Connections
Mechanical Composite
Mechanical Fracture
Mechanical Fatigue/nCode DesignLife Fatigue
Mechanical Acoustics
Mechanical Weld
Mechanical Concrete Structures
Mechanical Piezoelectric, Photoacoustic and Electromagnetic Simulation
Electromagnetic-Thermal-Structure Coupling
LS-DYNA Introduction
LS-DYNA Fluid Structure Interaction (ALE Method)

Fluent Introduction
Fluent Rotating Machinery
Fluent Dynamic Mesh
Fluent Heat Transfer
Mechanical / Fluent Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)
Fluent Multiphase
Fluent UDF
Fluent Combustion
Icepak Introduction

AQWA Introduction
Structural Intensity of Fixed Pipeline Platform
Ship at a Forward Speed
Side-by-side Mooring
Floating Breakwater
Tension Leg Platform (TLP)
Structural Intensity of Ship, Semi-submersible Platform and Floating Wind Turbine under Design Wave
Wave energy Converter
Towed Cable Dynamics


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